Why Use Us?


Searching for the perfect property is an incredibly time consuming and often a fruitless, frustrating and exhausting process. Most of our clients do not have the time, networks and insider information to undertake the research and keep in contact with all the various agents to ensure that they are called to the best properties first. We, as your buying agent, filter through all the properties, picking only the most suitable ones to show and therefore ensuring that we alleviate most of the usual frustrations buyers have to give you your desired outcome. 



Estate agents work for the seller however we, as your buying agent work solely for you, the buyer, and bring a wealth of knowledge and due diligence to every negotiation. We truly understand how to prepare our clients offer to present them in the best light. Sellers generally accept our offers over others even if they are not the highest bid on the table, not only as they have been presented in a compelling manner but they also appreciate that anyone that has employed us is very serious about finding the right property. However, getting an offer accepted is by no means the end of the journey, roughly 30% of sales fall through according to Which?, costing on average £2,899 and in London that figure is often substantially higher. The majority of fall throughs occur due to poor sales progression and chain management but when carefully managed by us, we reduce the risks to our clients.



Many of our clients are ultra-high net worth individuals, trusts, funds or public figures who require discretion and anonymity and we are happy to work under non-disclosure agreements to the point of having the offer accepted. This allows our clients access to the whole of market but without the headlines.



A large number of properties are sold off market meaning that without the right contacts you simply will never know about them. Our years of networking and building key relationships with estate agents and other property professionals means that we get called into these offering you the best choice of properties.



We are members of The Property Ombudsman and must adhere to the highest code of ethics.



Once the sale has successfully completed, we are happy to help with every aspect from organising removals firms to builders and architects and even assist our clients choosing the best schools or letting the property out and managing it.